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This is where you can find links to my various projects

and info about me.

Check out this lovely interview with me in VoyageLA.



In Septmeber 2018 I was finally able to Produce my first project in NYC!  It has always been a dream/goal of mine to go back to my hometown, the city that I love, NYC and work there.  This shoot was so much fun.  We had a lovely crew, moody weather, DELICIOUS food, and lots of extra time to enjoy the city.

We also had the special privilege or partnering with the ACLU to support immigrant rights and tell the great story of the Halal Guys!

All the world
is sleeping

Another amazing experience collaborating with my favorite creative friends: Ryan Lacen, Anthony Baldino, Nick Ybarra, Ian Simon and so many more!

Shot in New Mexico, the film was created by the non-profit Bold Futures and it tells the story of a young mother struggling with addiction, poverty and inhereted multi-generational trauma.  Starring the amazing Melissa Barrera and so man other incredible talents!

Say Something

I had the amazing opportunity and privilege to UPM the music video for "Say Something" by Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton.  I love how the video feels elegant, easy and peaceful.  That's evidence of the beauty of filmmaking: transforming all the messy aspects into a thing of beauty!  Behind the scenes there were so many moving parts and a large crew working at their highest potential to capture the song recording live and the video all in one shot. 

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